Note to reader:
In today's market, the vocal performance of a piece of music, regardless of genre, is of the utmost importance. Without this, the song will not fully capture the attention of the intended audience, and it will not portray the musical passion of said artist.

Nearly all vocals on the charts have been tuned in one way or another. Some vocals require drastic measures, while others need just a little bit of help. Vocal tuning is something that requires a finely tuned ear, years of experience, and the latest production tools. Don’t trust your precious vocals to anyone but the best, someone who can make them sound in key and perfectly natural.

Vocal tuning is something that most home recordists don’t get right. Many profession recording engineers don’t get it quite right either. There is no plug in or stand alone software that can be applied to generically tune a vocal. The only way to REALLY tune a vocal is by having the proper tools, and more importantly, a great set of ears and a LOT of experience.

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