Joey Ayoub Drummer Bio

It all started in Las Vegas  when at the tender young age of 7, Joe received a snare drum under the Christmas tree.  His parents knew he would take to the drums immediately because he was pounding on walls, the seats in the car, and pots and pans from the time he could walk.  He began studying with renowned drummer Jim Surrell, and eventually would study with Jazz and Big Band great Clyde Duell.  As an elementary school student, he was known as the kid who was good at the drums.  In middle and high school while the other students were going to football games and school functions, he was playing shows in local bars and nightclubs with musicians twice his age. As a teenager, Joe was a member of Las Vegas' premier rock band O.T. Factor, and after that, went on to play in various nightclub bands on the Las Vegas strip.  Looking to reach new heights as a drummer, he moved to Los Angeles and played in the bands Pawn and  Maslow.  He is currently the drummer in Down From Hollow, a rock band on the label Face Down Records.  His diverse drumming talents can also be heard on the songs of artists such as Todd Loweth, The Intergalactic Blues Band, The Personas, Johnnie Mazzer, Thomas Connors, Al Park, Symboliko, Shannon Mahaffey, Kevin Bowman, Seven Foot Wave, & Bottom Line.   Joe currently resides in Hollywood, and is the owner of The Sound Salon recording studio, where he is an engineer, producer, studio drummer, as well as an accomplished guitarist and bassist.
Key = R-record : M-mix : P-produce : D-drums : G-Guitar : B-Bass : DP-Drum Programming