ReAmp Service

Are you having trouble getting great guitar tones onto your recordings? Difficulty in realizing the sounds that are in your head? Are you frustrated that you can't get a similar tone to your favorite recordings? There can be a multitude of reasons why this is happening - or not happening. It could be because -
1. You are recording in an environment where you can't crank up the amp. Especially tube amps.
2. You don't have the right amp for the tone you're after.
3. You aren't using the proper preamp, mics, or converters for the job.
4. You aren't using the ReAmp service provided by The Sound Salon!
5. Our Re-Amping service can even be used when mixing live performances!

What Is RE-AMPing?

ReAmping a guitar (or bass) is when you record an extra track directly from your instrument (DI) then send it to us to re-record through a great amplifier that will give you the tone and texture that works best for you and the song. We use the highest quality amps, mics, preamps, and converters available at The Sound Salon.

Here's How It Works 

1. Record your (DI) guitar track. Please do not record the DI track with any EQ or compression. Keep the DI signal as close to the original guitar sound as possible.
2.  Upload your audio files to us using our simple upload form
3. If you do not have internet access or you choose not to upload your file for any other reason, you may send us the files via USPS, UPS, or Fed EX (preferably UPS).

The amps we use are listed on the Gear page
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