Online Vocal Tuning FAQ

Q : Why should I tune my vocals?
A : In today's market, the vocal performance of a piece of music, regardless of genre is of the utmost importance, without this, the song will not fully capture the attention of the intended audience, and it will not portray the musical passion of said artist.

Q : How are vocals tuned?
A : We use the latest technology available to tune your vocal tracks. Not all tuning methods are the same, so it ultimately depends on the source material to dictate what method is used. Here at The Sound Salon, we will use one, (and possibly more) of the following systems to tune your vocal. Antares Auto Tune, Melodyne, or T.C. Electronics Voice Works (hardware). We NEVER generically run a vocal track through a plug-in and rely on a computer to tune vocals! Every vocal track we work on is done in manual mode by engineers with trained ears. Tuning vocals is an art form and it takes years of experience to get it right.

Q : How long does it take for you to tune my vocal?
A : We can normally have your track tuned and returned to you within 24 hours. In some instances, we can do it within 1 to 2 hours if need be.

Q : What file formats do you accept?
A : We prefer to work in WAV, AIFF, and SDII formats. WAV is the most common.

Q : How do I send a vocal to you?
A : You will be directed to our simple upload form to upload your tracks. To view this form click here

Q : How can I pay for your services?
A : Once you have approved your tracks, you can pay securely online with paypal or you can send a check or money order in the mail.

Q : Do I need to send you just the vocal file, or should I send the backing music tracks as well?
A : It isn't entirely necessary to send the backing track, but it makes the process go much smoother. If you do send the backing track, one stereo file with a temp mix will work fine. When sending backing tracks, you can use the same easy upload form.

Q : How much does it cost?
A : $125 for the first track and $50 for each additional backing track

Q : Do you offer discounts when tuning multiple tracks?
A : Yes, the price is reduced when multiple tracks are tuned. This is especially great when there are many "doubled" tracks and harmonies. See next question.

Q : Are doubled, backup, and harmony tracks tuned the same way as the lead vocal track?
A : No. This is one area that is crucial to the final sound of your song. When tuning doubled, backup, and harmony vocals it is essential to NOT perfect the tuning. If all the vocal tracks in the song are tuned to perfection, the overall vocal sound gets smaller and begins to sound thin. It is sometimes necessary to raise and lower the pitch a few cents here and there on the various tracks to get a big, wide, vocal sound. It is up to the discretion of the engineer performing the work to make these decisions. THIS CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR SONG. And no, it will NOT sound out of tune, this technique will only make it sound bigger and fuller.

Q : What if I want to hear a really pronounced effect like Cher or Kanye West?
A : No problem. Send us a song you with the effect you want to emulate and we will do just that.

Q : Can you tune instruments as well as vocals?
A : Yes, as well as tuning vocals, we can also tune single instrument tracks such as guitars, bass, strings, etc.

Q : Can I request any modifications and changes?
A : Yes, after reviewing the performance, you may request modifications.  This is rare but we want you to be completely satisfied.

Q : Can I be in on the session?
A : Yes. If you live in the LA area, it's perfectly ok for you to be in on the session. Actually it would be better if you were. Also, for an extra small fee you can be in the session via Skype.

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