Here's How It Works
When you finish recording all your individual tracks, upload them to me using our simple upload form and I'll blend them into a cohesive 2 track stereo mix. In other words, I turn your tracks into a great sounding song!   Your song (or songs) will be mixed by a formally trained, Grammy nominated, professional mix engineer with over seventeen years experience in turning in cd/radio-ready mixes.

What This Includes  A MIX session making your music sound absolutely fantastic.

What This Does NOT Include
• Track Editing (although we will perform basic clean-up edits)
• Vocal / Instrument Tuning
• Timing Issues
• Drum Sound Replacement
• Song Re-arranging; Instrumentally or Structurally (This can be performed for a very low fee)

If any of these services need to be performed, we would be glad to do them BEFORE the mix stage of your project as offered on our website. When we initially preview the song, we will give you any suggestions we feel will help make your song better. At that stage, the decision will be yours to follow through with the work or do the mix regardless.

File Transfer (Uploading Your Tracks)

You can either upload your individual tracks using our simple upload form, or you can send them on cd, dvd, or hard drive. Please send a rough mix of the song and instructions on how you want it to sound. Please be as detailed as possible.

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