Q : Why should I use real drums on my recording?
A : As good as drum machines, samples, and sequencers may be, there is NOTHING like having a real drummer playing on your songs. We feel that it's impossible for a computer of any kind to breathe life and soul into a musical performance the way only a real life human being can. We see it all the time, great instrumentation, great vocals, great songwriting.......drum machine. This makes no sense. Do your music a favor and use the online drum recording service offered by The Sound Salon.

Q : What are the benefits of utilizing this service?
A : The first and foremost benefit is having a well performed, great sounding drum performance on your recording. Secondly is cost. Normally you would have to book a studio and hire a professional musician. Load in, set up, and tuning can take up hours of valuable studio time. Here at The Sound Salon, the owner and drummer are the same person, saving you time and money. You won't be charged set up time because there is no set up time! The drums are set up, tuned, and mic'd at all times! Also, the sound of the performance will be second to none. The third great advantage is that you never have to leave you house or studio to get your drum tracks recorded.

Q : Can I hear some samples of your work?
A : To hear some samples of my drumming, click here.

Q : What do I need to send you as a reference to play drums to?
A : Ideally, a scratch track of the song and a separate track with just a click. If this is not possible, a rough guide track will do, for example, guitar or piano with a vocal.  For specific information, feel free to email or call us for precise details.

Q : How will the drum tracks stay in sync?
A : Make sure the guide track you send me has a logical starting point. In most cases it's best to start at the very beginning of the playlist. It's important to be very specific about this at the onset of the project. If you choose not to start at the beginning of the playlist, figure out what time-base you are using (e.g. timecode, bars and beats, minutes and seconds, etc) and start from some place reasonable like also include the frame rate your system is set to. If your session does NOT start at the beginning at the playlist, send me your exact session setup and I will set mine accordingly.

Q : What gear is used to record the drum set?
A : For a detailed description of The Sound Salon's drum recording gear click here.

Q : How do I upload my scratch track?
A : You will be directed to our simple upload form when you're ready to begin.

Q : Can I use my drum tracks in any DAW?
A : Yes

Q : What file formats do you accept?
A : We prefer to work in WAV, AIFF, and SDII formats. WAV is the most common.

Q : When can I expect to hear my drum tracks after my order has been placed?
A : In most cases you will have an mp3 of your tracks ready for approval within 24 hours of placing your order.

Q : Can I request any modifications and changes?
A : Yes, after reviewing the performance, your first modification is free. Additional modifications are only $25.00 each.

Q : Do I retain all rights to the drum tracks you provide?
A : Yes. The service we provide is a work for hire agreement. This means you own all of the rights to the drum performance. Do with it as you please, sell it, reproduce it, or publish it without ever paying us a royalty. The tracks belong to you.

Q : Can I be in on the session?
A : Yes. If you live in the LA area, it's perfectly ok for you to be in on the session. Actually it would be better if you were. Also, for an extra small fee you can be in the session via Skype.

If you have any other question, please contact me for a prompt response.

 (323) 962-2411